Members of my family have lived in Van, Texas for over 60 years.

van-texas-grandparents-3My Grandfather, C. L Edmonson (known by many as Mr Ed), had the Gulf gas station in Van for over 30 years. It stood on the corner of Main and Hwy 110.He was one of the kindest men in the world.

All you had to do was ask and he would meet you at the station anytime, day or night, to give you the gas to get to Dallas.

My grandmother, Rena, was a seamstress in Van for many years. She could see a dress in a window at the store, then go home and make her own pattern.

She also raised chickens, and sold the eggs. Rena made soap in the back yard in a huge pot. Would feed anyone that was hungry out of her garden. We still have a garden in the same spot now.

My Dad’s parents were farmers. My PaPaw, Ernest Pyron, sold tomatoes on big tables in his front yard. My MamMaw, Flora, cooked for all the farmhands.

My Mom and Dad were both raised in Van. My Dad, Billy Joe Pyron, was a big sports figure here in school. His name is on many trophies at the high school. He lettered in every sport.

My Mom, Betty Sue Edmonson, was a majorette.They married right out of high school and had 5 girls. I am the oldest.

As a third-generation resident of Van, I have a deep love for this town.

I remember coming to visit both sets of grandparents when I was young. Hearing the oil wells pumping at night. Walking on roads paved with oil. I have had the experiences of living in other cities and towns, states, and countries – including Okinawa, Japan and Washington State while serving as a military spouse.

But coming back here to Van to  live was like finally coming home.

The last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to travel to Florida and Washington, DC extensively for business. I do some work for an ICT Technical Support and Ethical Search Engine Optimization company based in the Washington, DC area. Still, I remain a small-town Texan..a true Van-ite! The internet lets me live where I love.

So, here is my contribution to Van’s economic rebirth as our town moves away from the oil business and develops and sustains a variety of other businesses. An online resource for all of us in Van…residents, visitors, and businesses!

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